Ethics & Visibility


Fit Out Finance is committed to responsible lending coupled with clear and comprehensible information.

We therefore undertake:

  • To provide full quotations on request.
  • To address all queries openly and in plain English.
  • To provide every opportunity for you to seek professional advice & opinion on any offer made.
  • To suggest alternatives where appropriate.

In order to provide the best possible advice and options, we ask prospective clients to provide:

  • Up to date & accurate financial information.
  • To be open and honest regarding business circumstances & prospects.
  • To advise any current discussions with brokers or lenders on the same transaction.

We are always receptive to calls to discuss our process.

As independent brokers we receive fees from the lenders on deals we place. We won’t ask you for any fees on these transactions.

If you require consultancy only, please ask us for rates.

Fit Out Finance is a trading style of Business Funding Portal Ltd


Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

TCF is an important element of the FCA’s requirements and is a fundamental part of the spirit of the FCA guideline. Fit Out Finance expects to meet customers’ expectations in several ways:

  • Follow the guidelines noted by the FCA with specific regards to ensuring the product, term and price meets your needs
  • We will outline any risks to you that we are reasonably expected to be aware of
  • We will be honest, fair and trustworthy in our dealings with you

Our regulated Clients are often small companies. Some people may not understand more complex financial products, terms and conditions etc.

We can guide you in plain English, pointing out conditions such as documentation fees, yearly admin fees, options at the end of the agreement term.

We have to clearly tell regulated prospects the financial aspects to the agreement:

  • The advance rental, if applicable.
  • The term in months of the agreement, rental amount and rental frequency.
  • The agreement documentation fee.
  • Any yearly administration charges if applicable.